January 2018

At a Glance

Still being edited, all expenses and profits have been fully entered.
January was a very slow month for Standley Handcrafted. There are no markets open and it's too cold to try and stand at a store for a weekend display. I was lucky enough to get a larger order from a business in Ohio that helped salvage what would of been a bare month otherwise.

We had 358 unique visitors to the website in January which resulted in zero sales. Those are terrible numbers which are the result of not having sufficient stock during the month, sub par pictures of the products, and no descriptions on the products. All of which has been fixed or currently being fixed. 

Business Expenses

  • Lone Star Candle Supply -$46.84
  • Paypal Fees -$13.97
  • Specialty Bottle -$90.00
  • U.S. Postal Service -$26.12
  • Squarespace -$46.00

Total Gross expenses for January = -$222.93


Business Income

  • Paypal $460.00
  • Youtube - $31.71
  • Work sales but I do not have those recorded ~ $100

Total Gross Profit for January = $591.71

Total Net Profit for January = 368.78